Remote First Aid

Are you travelling remotely? Do you want peace of mind for knowledge that you know what to do if you have an accident in a remote area? Speak to Jason about a training package that is correct for you.

Arckaringa 5
Australia has some of the most beautiful remote landscape there is, however sometimes you really are the only one out there. You need to be prepped and ready for every situation.

With Jason being an Emergency Responder our first aid kit is a bit more intricate than most, but we encourage everyone to make sure that you carry:

Food & Water – Water especially if you break down, you need to stay with your vehicle and stay hydrated. Even on “day trips”.

Shade – In the time of vehicle awnings we now carry our shade with us everywhere its on the side of the car, there is a range of awning at various price brackets, buy what you can afford.

A satellite phone if possible – you can hire these and mobiles don’t work everywhere.

An equipped first aid kit – remember that you only need to apply first aid to the level you are trained / comfortable, so don’t go overboard with stocking up your kit unless you are familiar and trained to use everything in it.

Most importantly is to take time to prepare and then you can enjoy your trip!

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