Interestingly whilst we assume people need First Aid Skills as a basic life skill, we are constantly amazed at the price differences we come across in these courses.

We live by our vision statement that “Everyone should have access to affordable quality training.” and therefore our endeavor is to provide you with this, so whether you are 10kms or 400kms down the road if we are coming to deliver training for you our prices wont change whether its Charters Towers or Hughenden or even further afield. We also promise that we will ensure that you are comfortable with what you learn.

So who are we? We live and work in Charters Towers in North Queensland and have been very privileged to live across many different states over the last 10 years. In our spare time Jason works and volunteers in Emergency Services and Jacqui works in Vocational Education and volunteers in community organisations.

One common theme we have learnt from all of these great life opportunities has been the importance of community. We are strong believers that you get back from your community what you invest into it. So head over and check out our Community Contribution page to see how we invest and give back to our community at every opportunity.



Feedback is very important to us and we are happy to share it with you:

  • Thanks for the course Jason I feel very comfortable with first aid now.  May 2017


  • Jason did a great job, he was very thorough. May 2017


  • I enjoyed the course – love the new mannequin that helps you keep your rhythm. June 2017


  • Very informative, the instructors were very helpful. July 2017


  • Our 13 year old did the course with us she advised that she really learnt a lot. July 2017


  • I was always afraid of CPR until I did this course, I feel more confident to help someone now. August 2017


  • Jason’s experience in industry shows in his teaching and relaying back to examples for treatment. September 2017


  • Thank you for the course today it was really good to do. The asthma & anaphylaxis section was great. October 2017


  • Thanks for coming out today, it was great to meet you and we will be back to do our refresher, the course was great. November 2017


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